Enriching Life



Restoration & improvement of health and quality of life is our main goal.

The business field of Balatif Inc. works very closely with the society, in which Balatif Inc. is committed to enrich the lives of society through certain values and aspects such as sincerity, responsibility, respectability, unity, and creativity.

Balatif Inc. sets quality as our utmost priority. In order to achieve the best, Balatif sets quality control standards in every production steps starting from the procurement of raw materials until the shipment of finished products.


Our herbal products are made of various natural traditional ingredients with best quality and produced using newest modern technologies.


Based on best resources, we develop many kinds of pharmaceutical drugs which are the solution of the needs of the society.


with our many years of experiences, we are also producing supplements to boosts health.

For Balatif Inc. society and environment work hand by hand with our business strategies. The real definition of success for us is when we achieve the balance between profits and the welfare of the society and environment.