About Balatif

Six decades ago, in the year of 1950 to be exact, was the beginning of Balatif Inc. The long journey of our company started in Malang, East Java, from a home-based business that focused in the field of production and distribution of medicines. As time flies and business world flourishes, Balatif started to expand its production lines by producing pharmaceutical drugs and supplements.

Today’s Balatif is divided into two divisions; Pharmacy Division and Herbal Division. Our production activities are done in a factory in Jl. Tenaga Tengah No. 5 Malang, East Java. Balatif’s production facility targets efficiency within maximum operation costs, while maintaining highest standards in terms of quality and work safety.

Balatif’s commitment to reach highest standards in all aspects can evidently be seen in our  cGMP and ISO 9001:2015. We will always hold these commitments dearly, for us to be able to continue in this path of improving the health of the members of the society.


Balatif Inc. move forwards with leaders with amiability and orientation towards future.

“We Would, We Could” is the motto that we hold dear in each stratum in our divisions.

With these values; sincerity, responsibility, respectability, and creativity, Balatif Inc. always provides the best for the health of all citizens of Indonesia.



Pioneer of Balatif Inc. started a home business in the field of production and distribution of traditional medicines.

30th of January 1973

An Incorporation named Banteng Farma Inc. was established.

1st of August 1973

A factory located in Jalan Tenaga Tengah 5 Malang was established and started operating.

28th of February 1977

On account of changes in stockholders, Banteng Farma Inc. formally changed its name into Balatif Inc. which produces pharmaceutical and traditional drugs.

Vision & Mission


Becoming a trusted and distinguished company in the field of health.


Producing and fulfilling the needs of society with high quality and reliable products.

Always creating new innovations and breakthroughs in products improvement and work procedures.

Improving capability and competitiveness of human resources based on creativity, proficiency, and sincerity.

Creating additional values in each product developed for society and stockholders.

Constantly improving company’s quality in terms of knowledge, technology practices, and distribution reachability.

Meningkatkan kualitas perusahaan secara terus-menerus dalam bidang ilmu pengetahuan, penerapan teknologi dan daya jangkau distribusi.


Balatif sets quality as our utmost priority. Balatif Inc. In order to achieve the best, we have set quality control standards in every production steps starting from the procurement of raw materials until the shipment of finished products.

Each and every of our employees take full responsibility to perform quality control standards in their fields. However, this responsibly is performed by our Quality Assurance Division (QA) in particular.


Balatif understands that right now being in control of technology has become the determinant of competitiveness besides funds, machines, and human resources. That is why an efficient, flexible, and adaptable business processes according to market changes has also become a priority. One of the innovations Balatif does to achieve that result is by investing in the field of Technology & Information.

Information Technology holds very important position in the company’s operational performance. A few benefits of the practices of information technology in supporting pharmaceutical business; to smoothen and fasten divisions’ work speed because information needs can be accessed more precisely, accurately, and faster for sure.

Information Technology also works as a catalyst in the efforts in reducing company’s operational costs (elimination, simplification, integration, and process automation) which in the end will affect the company’s profitability. Information Technology in addition helps performance in distribution and retail sectors so that we are able to provide out best services to our valued customers.


For Balatif Inc. society and environment work hand by hand with our business strategies. The real definition of success for us is when we achieve the balance between profits and the welfare of the society and environment.

Out concerns about community and environment have been realized as we are processing our hazardous and toxic wastes in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

Harmony is our final goal. Balatif Inc. is committed to the continuity of health products industries which goes hand in hand with economy development, ecology equilibrium, and social advancement.


As we realized the continuing market’s competitiveness, Balatif Inc. is determined to only provide high quality health products and added valued to customers. In order to achieve this goal, innovations and technologies in our Research and Development (R&D) division are kept being developed to increase efficiency without decreasing the products’ value itself.

Balatif keeps on pushing R&D programs through our own research activities, or by collaboration in terms of scientific research with other companies and institutions. Balatif also provides a laboratory and experimental garden.

The main focus of Balatif right now is to develop medicines and pharmaceutical drugs for kids and herbal-based products which utilize Indonesia’s biodiversity, which we hope will benefit the society.